Soccer At LHS

The middle school students liked playing in the high school gym for the first time and the high school students took advantage of the opportunity to play and compete indoors. Soccer is an especially popular sport with multinational students and many of them are really good soccer players. Whether the students were playing or watching, there were many smiles and happy students enjoying soccer in the middle of winter. Thanks to Ziyad Dawood, who organized this event and Mr. Lewis, who made this happen for more than sixty of our students in Madison Heights.

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FALL 2014

3rd Annual Post Homecoming Event


FALL 2013

2nd Annual Post Homecoming Event


Students from Lamphere High School continued their Homecoming fun by attending our “Hollywood Bowl” Event after the Homecoming Dance.  There was close to 80 students that attended this fun bowling event and most students bowled in their red carpet finest attire.  Several prizes that were donated by local businesses were given away through the night making our event the perfect ending to Homecoming weekend.
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FALL 2013

1st Annual Freshman Movie Night

Lamphere Link Crew Leaders came up with an idea to host a “Freshman Movie Night” in which they invited the Freshman to watch a free outdoor movie.  This event was funded by MHCFC and put together by the Link Crew members, and 2 LHS teachers–Mr. Ceo and Mrs. Wainz.  There was nearly 100 LHS students in attendance for the outdoor movie, “Princess Bride.”  The students were treated to popcorn and the drama club sold inexpensive concessions.  Before the movie began there was a dance contest in which the winners were awarded a gift card to AMC.  The students also had fun by creating a conga line and danced their way through the stands conga style.

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Local Students Work to Spruce Up Senior Citizen Center


“Several students who participated in Michigan Youth Leadership, or MYLead, used a $500 grant from the nonprofit to make a difference in our community, and focused on the Senior Citizen Center.” To read all about it, check out the article in C & G News.


 MHCFC Goes To Austin, Texas


Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, or “CADCA” hosted their 12th annual Mid-Year Training Institute-“BIG Ideas”, in Austin, Texas.  Two students from Madison Heights – Brooke Heisler and Marisa Clarke attended the National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI) Advanced course. A primary focus of this 5 day conference was for the girls to learn to “develop, document and implement comprehensive “Youth-in-Action” Projects.” Brooke and Marisa had many opportunities to demonstrate key leadership skills via critical thinking and several oral presentations.


Madison Monster Truck Event

Madison High students learn dangers of distracted driving in a “Monster Jam” assembly that brought the monster truck “Brutus” to the Madison High School parking lot on January 11, 2013.

“Danielle O’Connor pledged to never text and drive, again.”  This is how the article began in the Daily Tribune, on January 11.  It tells about students making pledges not to text and drive and how the assembly convinced students to make the pledge not to text and drive.  To read more, click the article below.



Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, or “CADCA” hosted their 11th annual Mid-Year Training Institute-“Ticket to Community Change“, in Nashville, Tennessee.  Throughout the week of training, Rick had opportunities to hear from “top-notch presenters to learn the latest evidence-based practices” to combat Madison Heights’ alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems.

Brooke Heisler, a Lamphere high school student, and Kimberly Heisler, Brooke’s adult advisor,  joined Rick in Nashville, to participate in the National Youth Leadership Initiative, “NYLI” to gain knowledge and skills to become “change agents.”  As a result, Brooke has learned strategies to combat underage drinking in Madison Heights.    


SADD Students vs. LHS Staff games:

At Lamphere High School, the SADD students are looking to “CRUSH” the school staff in its annual Student vs. Staff games.  Every spring, students and staff take to the court and compete to raise money and awareness for the LHS SADD Club.  “Students Against Destructive Decisions” (SADD) is a national student organization, which promotes positive decision making among youth, in order to combat the destructive consequences of drunk, or distracted driving, substance use, bullying and other high risk behaviors.  With the belief that school can be safe, friendly and fun, the students and staff will compete in a basketball and a volleyball game on Tuesday, April 24th.  Last year the staff won both games, so the students are rallying to take back the bragging rights.  These games are called the “CRUSH” games because the trophies are two urns filled with CRUSH soda.  The twist is that the winning team presents the losing team with these trophies that bear the sign, “You’ve Got Crushed”!


WASHINGTON — Downing five or more alcoholic drinks nearly every day isn’t seen as a big problem for many of the nation’s teens, says a new report.  When asked if they see “great risk” in drinking that much, almost half the teens questioned – 45 percent – didn’t see it as a big deal.  The study being released by The Partnership at also showed upward trends in marijuana and Ecstasy use among young people in grades 9 through 12.  “You’re seeing this weakness in this generation of teens’ attitudes around drug and alcohol use,” says Steve Pasierb, president of the partnership. “It’s not like this generation of kids thinks they’re more bulletproof than others, but they really don’t see any harm in that heavy drinking.”  Among teens, the average age when they had their first drink was 14, the study indicated.  According to the study, teens said the top reasons for drinking were “because it is fun” and “so they won’t feel left out.”  Pasierb says early drinking can often signal deeper problems. “It’s about that vulnerability.

In reality, drinking five or more drinks within a couple hours (binge drinking) is a “big deal”, especially for youth.   Alcohol is a depressant which can slow down or overwhelm the body’s functions and defenses.   The ability to move and think clearly is effected by binge drinking, and the chance of engaging in risky or reckless behavior increases considerably.  Every year over 5000 people under the age of 21 die in car accidents, homicides, suicides and other accidents as a result of drinking alcohol.  Many more are seriously injured as a result of underage drinking.   High alcohol use has long term effects on multiple areas of the body including, your brain, liver, kidneys, stomach, heart and muscles.  The risk of alcoholism is much higher for those who binge drink and for those who drink before the age of 21 compared to those who have waited to drink until the legal age and drink without getting drunk.